How to Make Money with Carlcare in Kenya

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To give back to our esteemed customers and improve our relationship with them, Carlcare has introduced how to make money with Carlcare. This is an opportunity for you to win something huge in Carlcare Kenya, all you have to do is to invite TECNO, Infinix, and itel users to repair their damaged phones. For every successful repair, you'll get money.

How to Make Money with Carlcare Kenya

Make Money with Carlcare Service in Kenya

How to Join the campaign has been among the most frequently asked questions. This process involves downloading the Carlcare application on your mobile device and inputting the necessary information. Below are the steps on how to join the campaign and make money with Carlcare in Kenya

Steps on how to Join the Campaign

  • Download the Carlcare application on your mobile device.
  • Fill in the necessary information by signing up.
  • Tap on the "Make Money" icon, scroll down and click on the exclusive link.
  • Copy your exclusive link.
  • Share the exclusive link with your friends and family. When your friends and family visit any of our Carlcare services centers, get any of their devices repaired.
  • Tap on current earnings and refresh your contest page to check and withdraw income.

FAQ Asked Questions

Q1. How long is the Campaign?

It lasts around 4 months, from Sept to Dec.

Q2. Invitation reward details
The reward is only for the orders booked by your link, and the order status must be repaired. Otherwise, you wouldn't get the reward:
  • New users: KSh. 20 under and KSh. 80 out of warranty.
  • Regular users: KSh. 10 under and KSh. 30 out of warranty.

Q3. How to define new users and regular users?

New users are who didn't use reservations before; Regular users are who have used reservations before the campaign.

Q4. How to define out-of-warranty orders and under-warranty orders?

Under warranty orders mean the phone is still under warranty, and there is no repair charge. Out-of-warranty orders mean the phone is out of warranty, and you were charged for repairs.

Q5. I invited a friend to repair his phone, and his phone is out of warranty; why is the estimated reward the same as under warranty?

Since the warranty status of the user's mobile phone cannot be judged during the invitation stage, we will display the rewards under warranty by default. Once the phone is successfully repaired, the actual rewards will be calculated according to the user's phone's warranty.

Q6. Why do the rewards differ when my 2 friends successfully completed the orders?

The rewards for new users and regular users are different. You need to invite new users to reserve and complete the orders for higher income.

Q7. My friend made an appointment on the 31st of July for repairs, but he repaired it on the 2nd of August. Can I get the money?

Yes, As long as the order is booked before the campaign ends and the order is completed within 7 days after the campaign ends, you could get the money.

Q8. I invited my friend, but why didn't the income accumulate?

  • Make sure your friend book via your exclusive link
  • Ensure their orders have been completed, which means they repair their phones in Carlcare.
  • If both are done correctly, please contact us.

Q9. How can I receive the money?

You can withdraw the income from 25th to the 30th of every month via the button named withdraw income. If you do not withdraw in the current month, you can postpone the withdrawal to the next month. 

Q10. Why did I invite a friend to make a reservation, but the data is not displayed?

Pls wait a moment and refresh the page to check

Q11. How to check my earnings details?

Click "Current earnings" >>>Check the order list you invited 

Q12. Nothing happens when copying the link; what should I do?

1. pls log out of the app account first, then close the app;

2. Open Carlcare app and re-login;

3. Click the campaign banner and participate in it 

Q13. What is the difference between "Current earnings," Received Amount," and "Account Balance"?

1. Current earnings means how much income you have accumulated during the campaign.

2. Received amount means how much money you have applied to transfer to your card/phone from Carlcare during the event;

3. Account balance means the amount leaves in your account;

Current earnings= Received amount + Account balance.

Still, Experiencing Difficulties?

Have you attempted all the aforementioned methods and other accessible options for making money with Carlcare? Then please get in touch with the nearest Carlcare service center.

Our Carlcare Repair Services and Areas faculty at Carlcare can quickly and efficiently assist customers in resolving most technical issues with their devices. By visiting our website to speak with an agent or stopping by the office that is most convenient for you, you can get solutions to your Android phone problems. Get guaranteed efficient phone repair services from Carlcare immediately.

Need Further Assistance? Contact Calrcare Services

Whatever the issue you can’t handle, book a Carlcare service for reservation, and we’ve got you covered. Carlcare is the Official after-sales service center for all Infinix, TECNO, itel, and Syinix brands. Carlcare provides support services in the form of professional repair and maintenance services, ensuring that your phone is kept in optimal shape while you enjoy using it. You won’t find better support out there except Carlcare.