How To Remove Safe Mode In Infinix

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Kwame Asante

Safe mode is a built-in feature important for turning off third-party apps on an Infinix phone. Once the apps are disabled you can now boot to be able to fix the problem. All the foreign applications, personalization, and excellent themes are blocked once the safe mode kicks in.

And as the name suggests, safe mode means that the phone will boot safely without exposing your phone to any harm. This mode is basically used to debug or kill any apps that might be preventing your phone from functioning well.

 remove safe mode in infinix

How to remove safe mode in Infinix

Restart your Phone

Restarting our phones is the first thing we normally do once we experience any issue with smartphones. In fact, restarting helps solve almost all sorts of phone problems. Plus, it’s the fastest and simplest way to remove safe mode from your device.

  • Tap and hold on the power button.
  • Once a pop-menu appears, choose Restart/Reboot. But some phones have the Power Off option instead.
  • If you’ve selected the restart option, then the phone should automatically power up after a while.
  • Go ahead and check if the safe mode is removed.

Use key combinations

These key combinations include the power + volume down keys. Instead of just restarting your phone, especially if the phone has been attacked by a virus, you should follow these steps.

  • Switch off the phone completely.
  • Tap and hold on the Power button until the screen logo appears and then release it.
  • Then quickly press the Volume Down key and hold on to it for a few seconds until you access safe mode. For Infinix owners, doing that disables the Safe mode.
  • Then from that safe mode panel, boot up the smartphone normally.

When carrying out this procedure, ensure that your phone’s power volume is working properly. A broken volume key could be misleading you thinking that you’re pressing it. If the issue persists, you must visit an authorized repair shop for assistance.

Use the quick setting panel

Luckily, some devices allow one to disable safe mode from the quick setting panel. Just check if it’s possible on your device. If your phone happens to have Safe mode on the notifications panel, it becomes easy to turn it off by simply swiping down the panel and clicking on it.

  • Swipe down the setting panel.
  • Click the Safe mode key to disable it.
  • Once the mode is disabled, the device will restart automatically.

Commonly, android users turn their phones to safe mode as a way of identifying any underlying issue. For example, when you have installed a third-party application that is potentially interfering with the phone’s normal functioning, you may need to enter safe mode to find apps with some issues . Also, when the phone is experiencing some attacks from viruses, you might be forced to enable safe mode to help deal with the issue.