Why Is My Phone Stuck in Safe Mode?

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Have you ever picked up your phone and realized it was in Safe mode? For those who have encountered this dreadful situation, searching "why is my phone stuck on safe mode?" was enormously helpful in finding solutions.

If your smartphone phone is stuck in safe mode, there are a few things you can try to get out of this state. We’ll cover the most common reasons why safe mode won't turn off, and what to do if your phone ends up in this state.

Why Is My Phone Stuck in Safe Mode?

Why Is My Phone Stuck in Safe Mode?

If your phone is stuck on safe mode and you can't turn it off, there are several reasons why this could be happening. Here are some of the most common reasons for this issue

1. Malware or a bug

Sometimes, an app can become corrupted and cause problems with other apps or the operating system itself. If this happens, it won't be able to launch normally, so it will automatically try to boot into safe mode instead.

2. Corrupted or damaged partition table or boot sector

A corrupted partition table or boot sector may cause the safe mode to appear every time you turn on your phone. It could be caused by accidentally rooting your device and messing up its partitions.

3. Corrupted system software or firmware

If you experience this problem after flashing an update for your device’s operating system, then it could mean that the update was corrupted.

4. Stuck buttons

If your phone is stuck on safe mode, it's possible that one or more buttons are stuck down. If you're using a button case, try taking it off and starting the phone again. If you're not using a case, try pressing the power button for about 30 seconds to see if it fixes the issue. If not, continue reading for other possible solutions.

5. Incompatible apps

A phone stuck in safe mode could be due to incompatible apps installed on your device. You can check which apps are causing this by going to Settings > General > Device Management > All Apps and finding any apps with an exclamation mark next to them. To remove these apps, tap Uninstall Updates and then tap Uninstall.

6. Defective hardware

If you've recently dropped your phone, or it hasn't been working properly for any other reason, then the problem might be hardware related. For example, if you have a cracked screen or faulty battery, then the phone might not be able to boot normally and will go into safe mode automatically.

How to Fix Phone Stuck in Safe Mode

If your phone is stuck in safe mode, it can be a bit tricky to get out of it. However, there is a simple way to fix your phone and get it back to normal. 

1. Restart your phone

The first thing you will want to do is restart the phone. Hold down the power button on your phone until it vibrates and turns off. Once it does, wait a few seconds before turning it back on.

2. Check for stuck buttons

Most modern smartphones have physical buttons such as Home, Back, and Power. If one of these buttons is stuck, then it could be preventing you from accessing the normal interface. To check for this problem, press the Power button for 10 seconds (or until the screen turns off) then release it and try again. If the device doesn't turn off when you do this, then there might be a hardware issue at play here.

3. Update your software

Outdated software can cause a variety of problems. It can make your phone stuck in safe mode, not charging, run slowly, and so on. As a result, always ensure that you update your phone's software whenever an update is available.

To update Android software, go to Settings > About Phone > System Updates > Check for Update. If you're using an iPhone or iPad, go to Settings > General > Software Update and follow the prompts on the screen.

4. Uninstall recently installed apps

If you recently installed an app and now your Android phone is stuck in safe mode, the first thing to do is uninstall the app. This may solve the problem if the new app had some kind of conflict with your phone's software.

5. Clear the cache partition 

A cache partition is where your phone stores temporary data. Sometimes, if you've downloaded a lot of apps or updated your phone in the past few days, clearing the cache can help resolve issues with the operating system.  To do this on your phone, press and hold Power + Volume down for about 7 seconds. When you see the Android logo, release both buttons. You'll see a list of options; choose "wipe cache partition." Wait for it to complete and then reboot your device to see if that helped fix your problem.

6. Factory reset your device

Factory resetting your device will erase everything on your phone and return it to its default state — just like when you first took it out of the box — but it may also solve whatever issue caused it to freeze up in safe mode in the first place. To do so, go into Settings > Backup & reset > Factory data reset > Reset device > Erase everything (if available)

7. Visit Carlcare

If your itel, TECNO, or Infinix phone is stuck on safe mode and none of these steps worked for you, there's one more thing you can try: Visiting Carlcare.  At Carlcare, we have professional technicians who are trained in fixing all kinds of problems with itel, TECNO, and Infinix phones. We have the right tools and equipment needed to get your device out of safe mode in no time at all.


Frequently Asked Questions

How to open apps in safe mode on Android?

Safe Mode is a special mode of operation. In this mode, all third-party applications are disabled and can't be opened. When your phone is in safe mode it functions only with the stock applications provided by Google.

How to turn safe mode off?

To turn safe mode off, press and hold the power button until you see the "slide to power off" option. Then simply slide across the screen to turn off your phone. If you have a PIN or password lock enabled on your phone, you'll need to enter that before turning off safe mode.

How to turn on safe mode on Android?

Turning on safe mode is easy: Just hold down the power button until you see the "Power off" option appear at the bottom. Hold down the power button again until "Restart" appears instead of "Power off." Then tap on "Restart" and wait for your phone to reboot into safe mode. Once your phone reboots and you're in safe mode, you'll see a notification saying so at the top of your screen (you can tap this notification to exit). Only preinstalled apps will be accessible while in safe mode.

Phone stuck in safe mode volume down button broken

If your phone is stuck in safe mode and you can't press the volume down button, then there might be a hardware problem with your device. If that's the case, there's nothing you can do other than take your phone to a repair shop or replace it entirely


Knowledge is power, and the more you know about your phone, the better. Now that you know the answers to the two commonly asked questions, "Why is my phone stuck in Safe Mode?" and "Why can't I get safe mode off?" you'll know what to do if your phone's safe mode won't turn off.