Broken Screen Free Replacement Insurance in Kenya

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The smartphone screen is easily broken or cracked when it is dropped to the ground by accident or damaged by other kinds of impacts. Although it is harmful to use a badly cracked screen, it is not surprising to see so many people still use the broken phone screen due to the high repair cost.

To reduce the financial burden caused by repairing a new phone screen, we provide our customers with the broken screen free replacement insurance service targeting the TECNO and Infinix mobile phones.

What Is the Broken Screen Free Replacement Insurance Service?

When you buy the insurance service if your phone screen is broken or cracked by an accidental collision, drop, crushing, or squeezing, Carlcare will replace a new screen for free during the insurance service period. 

Note:  After purchasing the service, there is only one chance to repair your broken phone screen for free during the warranty period

The Price for Broken Screen Free Replacement Insurance 

Note: The broken screen free replacement card is only eligible for the phone that's activated within 365 days

Model Insurance warranty period Phone activation time  Insurance service price(KES)
TECNO TECNO SPARK&POUVOIR 100DAYS Within 365 days  300
Infinix HOT&SMART 300
Infinix NOTE&S 400
Infinix ZERO 500
Infinix HOT&SMART 400
Infinix NOTE&S 700
Infinix ZERO 800


Where to Buy the Screen Protection Card for Infinix, Tecno or Itel 

Before you visit our service center, we suggest you make a reservation below. If the stores listed are far from you, you can visit a Carlcare service center near you to buy a screen protection card for your Infinix, TECNO, or itel. 

Why Pick a Broken Screen-Free Replacement Insurance Plan?

  • Saving Money

It can save customers a lot of money for screen replacement in the long run.  The detailed cost savings are shown below based on different warranty periods for your phone.

Let's take the TECNO SPARK phone as an example. When your TECNO Spark phone screen gets cracked, it could cost KES 2800-5800 normally to repair but if you buy the broken screen free replacement service under 180 days warranty for only KES400 you can get your accidentally broken screen replaced for free during the warranty period. 

  • Worry-Free Service

We will give priority to the phone problem of customers who purchase the Broken screen service, especially when there are a lot of people waiting for repair so you do not need to wait in line.

  • Professional and Genuine

We always deliver the best possible after-sales service to users and use the original spare parts.

After-Sales Process

In case of accidental screen damage during the service period, customers can go to the nearby Carlcare service center to enjoy free screen replacement service.

After checking the mobile phone, the staff can replace the screen for free if it is under the insurance warranty period