Cell Phone Charging Port Repair in Kenya

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Over the years, mobile phones have become smarter and more sophisticated as OEMs continue to innovate and offer more powerful features in their Android devices. Today, an increasingly high number of Android smartphones boast fast charging support and strong battery capacity.

With such specs, users can experience robust battery life in their handset and charge it faster and less often. These will make the charging port last longer. But if you bought a budget smartphone, you might not be able to enjoy these goodies.

That means you’ll need to charge your device more often, which could damage the charging port faster, especially when used carelessly. Apart from that, a charging port can become damaged from corrosion when the handset is exposed to a highly humid environment or gets wet.

Dust particles, dirt, and debris can also cause this mishap. If you’re facing this issue, please read this post to learn about cell phone charging port repair in Kenya.

Cell Phone Charging Port Repair in Kenya

Phone Charging Port Replacement and Repair in Kenya

In different parts of this country, there are Carlcare service centers where professional technicians help phone owners fix issues they’ve with their mobile devices. While seeking a cell phone charging port repair service in Kenya, you need to be wary of the kind of service to use.

This is because if a technician without enough experience handles your smartphone, they might add more to the existing problem of the device. For this reason — and also to get a good value for your money — it’s recommended to seek phone repair in Nairobi or other parts of the country from a trained professional.

Carlcare centers offer quality repair services with technicians well-trained and experienced. Also, the cell phone charging port replacement and repair costs are competitively offered. Carlcare will provide you with a genuine charging port replacement service that’s durable and will work efficiently.

How to Know If Charging Port Is Damaged

A damaged charging port can give users a serious headache. When this problem occurs, there are some clear signs that the port has issues. But sometimes, you may not be sure the problem is from that part of the phone.

Here are some tell-tale signs of a damaged charging port:

  • Your phone won’t charge when connected to the mains with a charger
  • When plugged in, the device charges for a second or two and stops, repeating this activity
  • When connected to a PC or laptop with a USB cord, the system won’t identify your smartphone, but this doesn’t happen with other mobile phones
  • The charging port looks rough, has gathered dust, or is partly connected to the phone’s board
  • When you plug in your charger, the port shakes or drops from the phone

When you notice any of these signs, it’s time to seek mobile charging port repair from experts.

How to Fix a Phone That Won’t Charge Properly

If your smartphone isn’t charging well, the problem might be from the cable or the charger itself. To identify the actual cause, consider using another charger.

If the issue persists, that means the charging port is damaged. To fix it, consult a trained technician who has the right experience and technical knowledge of how to repair the charging ports on phone. To learn more about cell phone charging port repair in Kenya, please move on to the next section.

Where to Get Genuine Charging Port Replacement and Repair in Kenya

Carlcare centers in Kenya are reliable and the charging port repair cost for Android is decent. Here are the Carlcare service centers in Kenya:

Phone Repair in Nairobi, Kenya — Carlcare Service

2nd Floor Caxton House, Kenyatta Ave, Nairobi

  • 020 2010036
  • 0768 419139
Phone Repair in Nairobi, Kenya — Carlcare Service

2nd Floor, Complex House, Luthuli Avenue, Nairobi

  • 0796 054593
Phone Repair in Meru, Kenya – Carlcare Service

1st floor Town Mobile Center (next to Uchumi Supermarket) Ghana Street Meru Kenya, Meru

  • 0702 133888
Phone Repair in Nyeri, Kenya — Carlcare Service

Room 104, Ground Floor, Prestige Plaza, Kimathi Street, Nyeri

  • 0702 133888
  • 0728 116767
Phone Repair in Mombasa, Kenya — Carlcare Service

2nd Floor, Alibhai Essa Plaza, Gussi Street, Opposite Judan Mosque, Mombasa

  • 0704 433444
Phone Repair in Kericho, Kenya — Carlcare Service

Kericho 2nd Floor, Bethany Investment Trust Ltd, Opp. Family Bank

  • 0790 020673
Phone Repair in Eldoret, Kenya — Carlcare Service

Eldoret 4th floor, Metro Towers, Oginga Odinga Street, Eldoret, Kenya

  • 0790 020673
Phone Repair in Nakuru, Kenya — Carlcare Service

4th floor, Masters Plaza, Opposite Patmat Bookshop, Kenyatta Avenue, Nakuru

  • 0705 618555
Phone Repair in Kisumu, Kenya — Carlcare Service

1st Floor, Wing B, Nakumatt Mega Plaza, Kisumu, Kenya, Railways, Apindi Street, Kisumu

  • 0701 616050
Phone Repair in Kisii, Kenya — Carlcare Service

Ground Floor, Ouru Complex, Kisii-Kisumu Road, Kisii County, Kenya, Kisii

  • 0741 433108
Phone Repair in Thika, Kenya — Carlcare Service

Thika CountyElica Plaza, 1st-Floor ROOM 1, Plot no. 5963/22, Kwame Nkrumah Rd

  • 0780 795707

If you’re one of the users who ask, “Where can I do phone charging port repair near me?” simply visit any of the above-listed addresses of Carlcare centers near your location.

How to Book Reservation in Carlcare Service Center Near Me

This is the last issue to be addressed in this guide on cell phone charging port repair in Kenya. You can book a reservation for the Carlcare repair service in two ways: via the mobile app and the official website.

Using the Carlcare app

  • Head to your phone’s menu
  • Locate the Carlcare app and tap on it to launch it
  • Tap on Repair Phone
  • Fill in your details in the appropriate fields
  • Press Submit to book a reservation with the provider

For the best experience, we recommend getting the latest version of the mobile app.

Using the official Carlcare website

  • Visit the Carlcare website
  • Scroll down the homepage
  • Under Book a Phone Repair, press Book Now
  • On the next page, supply all the required information in the appropriate fields
  • Press Submit to book a reservation with Carlcare

Please, note that the charging port repair cost in Kenya you see on this page or the app is only an estimate and not the real figure.

Wrapping Up

The charging port is one of the most critical parts of a phone which, when damaged, will make it difficult or even impossible for the device to work. While there are different causes of this issue, knowing what to do when it arises will help save you from a lot of headaches.

When faced with this challenge, the right step is to find a reliable cell phone charging port repair service — Carlcare. Going through the tips in this post on cell phone charging port repair in Kenya, you can find all the information you need to get your smartphone back to normal working conditions.

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