How to Recover My Facebook Page

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Recovering a Facebook page is usually more tedious than recovering a typical Facebook account. The reason is that it has no password, username, email address, or phone number you can use to reset it; it’s mostly tied to the admins’ account. However, if you’ve lost administrative access to your Facebook page and looking for a way to regain it, it’s possible but requires a lot of work. When you’re looking for “How to recover my Facebook page,” this guide will help you.

How to Recover My Facebook Page

How to recover or claim a Facebook page that belongs to you

Depending on how you lost access to your Facebook page, you need different methods to recover it. Here you'll learn how to claim a page that belongs to you, hijack your page from a rogue administrator, and recover the page if an admin's account was hacked. Let's dive into action!

Instances that lead to user recovering their Facebook page

There are several ways you might have lost access to a Facebook Page that belongs to you or your organization. Most times, it happens when a hacker takes over your account and ransacks the page. Other times, you may not have the admin privilege, or an admin just decides to pull you out

Here are some instances that lead to users recovering a Facebook page:

  • Bygone: If you work in an organization, chances are you didn’t create its Facebook page. Now, if you also don't have administrative access to it before someone who did leave the organization, you need to find a way out.
  • Spite: Several things happen. If you had several admins on your page and fired any of them without removing their administrative access, they could backfire. Such a person could delete you instead, granting you access to your page.
  • Buzz: If your business is popular on Facebook but you never created a page for it, they could help you create one automatically. However, such a page is termed "Unofficial" and has no admin. Here, you can claim the page and start managing it.

Ask an Admin to add you back.

See, it’s not only you; many people have also searched for, "how to recover my Facebook page."

When you can't access your page, the first thing to check is if another admin has removed you; this usually happens if your page has multiple administrators and one of them pulled you out based on reasons best known to them.

In that case, the top thing you can do is contact an admin to add you back; this should work if you know one who is still active on the page.

Here’s what the admin has to do:

  • Go to the Facebook page (preferably on a desktop browser)
  • Select Page Settings in the left tab.
  • Click on Page Roles
  • Under “Assign a new page role," let the admin enter your Facebook account name or email and select your account from the search results.
  • Next, click Editor and assign you as an
  • Finally, let him confirm his/her Facebook password to complete the action.

How to recover my Facebook Page if an admin was hacked

When you no longer have access to your Facebook page, you need to confirm if your account or any of the administrators' accounts were hacked.

A Facebook page is only accessible through the personal account of the admins. So, if you no longer have access to the page, an admin's account might have been hacked. In that case, you should learn how to recover your Facebook account or the admin’s account.

To recover a Facebook account is easy; one can head either to the account recovery page ( or reset the password manually to regain access to the profile.

 You can reset your password easily as long as you have access to the email address or phone number you used. Facebook will send you an authentication code via email. You may also need to enter your phone number on the recovery page to confirm your account.

Recovering a hacked Facebook account might not be straightforward if the hacker has gone deep into it. However, having some trusted contacts can increase your chances. 

Once you've recovered the hacked account, any admin can add you back smoothly, as said earlier.

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How to claim an unofficial page that belongs to you

Facebook could create a page for your organization automatically if many people checked in to it. In that case, follow these procedures to claim the page and start monitoring it.

  1. Log in to Facebook and visit the page you want to claim.
  2. If it's unclaimed, you'll see an "Unofficial Page” tag, showing the page has no owner. If not, the page is not available.
  3. You'll also see the "Is this your business?” tag on the page. Click the link.
  4. Also, the preceding window would ask if you want to merge the page with an existing, verified page or verify it with a phone call or documents.
  5. Select an option, then click Continue to start the recovery process.
  6. Depending on the option you’ve chosen, you’ll either have to merge the page with your existing page (which requires minimal verification) or claim and verify the page by phone or documents.
  7. Respond to Facebook's request as prompted.
  8. Once completed, Facebook needs some time to process and confirm your request. If correct, the page should now be yours.

You need to be logged into Facebook to do that. Once they confirm your identity as the owner of the business, they’ll transfer the page’s ownership to you.

What do you do if your Facebook page doesn’t have an admin

If a hacker has tricked you into releasing your page to him and later removed you and every other admin from your page, you can still regain access to it with Facebook’s help.

Now that you're no longer an admin of your page, all you can do is report it to Facebook, claiming that someone is infringing on your property.

Here’s How to recover my Facebook Page from a rogue administrator:

  1. Log in to your Facebook profile on the desktop.
  2. Go to the Help Center (click the drop-down menu in the top-right corner and select Help & Support, then Help Centre)

Alternatively, you can go to to visit the help center directly.

  1. In the left tab, click on Policies and Reporting.
  2. Select Intellectual property, followed by
  3. Click the “fill in this form” link under the first paragraph
  4. Select whether you’re reporting as the owner of the page, on behalf of your organization, or behalf of someone else.
    1. If the page is yours, you can select “I am the rights owner.”
  5. Now, it's time to try as much to prove ownership of the page. Fill the form accordingly, keeping in mind that your chance of recovering the page depends on it. Here's a typical way of filling it:
  6. Under "Your contact information," complete your personal information as requested.
  7. When you get to "Which of these best describes the copyrighted work?" select And in the text box following it, try as much to describe how you lost the page plainly, then include the page's link (URL).
  8. Now, over to "Content You Want To Report," select "Other" under the type of content you’re reporting. And in the text box following it, copy and paste the link to the Facebook page you want to recover.
  9. When you get to "Describe why you are reporting this content," select an option, then provide your detailed information about it.
  10. Under “Attachments," upload any attachment that can further prove your ownership of the page.
  11. And finally, complete your electronic signature by entering your full name
  12. Click Submit!

After submitting your request, Facebook will contact you via email within a business day (or two), asking you a couple of questions to confirm your request.

Their response may be different and might come in several days before finalizing it. Just keep answering them, and hopefully, they’ll help you regain your stolen page.

Wrap up

Recovering a page isn’t as easy as retrieving a personal account. However, it's not impossible. If a hacker or rogue administrator overtook your page, the highest you can do is report it to Facebook, claiming an infringement of your property.

However, if an admin kicks you out for any reason, the greatest you can do is to talk to them politely about it. Contacting Facebook might not help in most cases, especially when they can't confirm your identity.

Facebook remains one of the most used social media platforms around the clock. So, regaining access to your popular page might be an essential commodity to keep your business known to the world.