How to Find the best Phone Screen Repair Near Me in Kenya

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The moment we break our phone screen we do not prepare. So when you accidentally smash your phone on the ground, don't blame yourself for being careless. Phone screen replacement carries most of the overall smartphone damage. But thankfully, smashing your phone screen doesn't mark the end of its life. Instead, you'd get the phone like new after replacing its broken screen. So, when you break your phone screen, take it for a phone screen replacement! No matter how cracked the phone is, there's a fix for it. And we'll guide you on that below.

Phone Screen Replacement in Kenya

Phone Screen Repair Near me in Kenya

Phone screen fix-places and local repair shops are almost everywhere around the corner. Unfortunately, finding the right place to fix phone screens can be tricky, especially if you don't want to fall prey to unskilled technicians and counterfeit replacements pats.

Thanks to the existence of official repair service providers, you can get your broken phone screen fixed by a skilled and experienced technician using high-quality screen replacement parts.

The official repair providers and many authorized repair companies offer same-day (2 hours most times) phone screen replacement services. So, you don't need to wait for ages to fix a cracked screen. Meanwhile, they're the only guaranteed repair shop to get learned technicians and original spare parts specialized to fit into your phone.

You've got a damaged Infinix, TECNO, or itel phone screen? Carlcare, the official customer care support provider for Infinix, TECNO, and itel, for high-quality, fast, and reliable screen replacement service.

As the only authorized service provider for these brands, our trained technician – using modern repair tools – performs every repair/replacement service for you. By using only genuine TECNO, Infinix, and itel spare parts, they deliver top-notch repair quality and will also offer you a reliable warranty afterward.

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Cost of Mobile Phone Touch Screen Replacement Near Me in Kenya

You probably have been waiting for this, and the good news is phone screen replacement cost is more reasonable primarily than getting a new phone today. Plus, it would save you time, stress, and energy to transfer your data to a new phone.

Depending on your phone model and the screen panel technology used on it, the cost of replacement can either be cheap or expensive. Nonetheless, a mobile phone screen replacement is more reasonable than getting a new phone in most cases.

To know how much it costs to fix your broken phone screen, we recommend contacting the official service provider for your brand. They're always ready to give you the estimated repair cost for your phone.

If you use a TECNO, Infinix, or itel phone, you can get an estimated replacement price for a broken screen in just a few clicks. In addition, our Spare Parts Price checker is always available to tell you how much it costs to fix your phone screen.

Meanwhile, note that the repair pricing on our website is only for "estimates." The actual repair cost may vary slightly at the repair center. Plus, the price doesn't cover other damages made to your phone after breaking its screen. Our technicians would access your phone thoroughly and fix additional cracks at an additional cost.

What to Do with a Cracked Phone

Depending on how cracked the phone screen is, there are many things you can do. But first, you've got to access the damaged screen.

Get the phone under good lighting conditions and check how badly the screen is damaged. If the screen is not cracked heavily – with sharp glasses showing on its surface – you may test and see if the touchscreen is functioning well. Also, check if some parts of the screen are black or not showing well.

If the screen looks like what you can use for a few more days, then you may opt for a tempered glass protector or cover the screen with transparent packing tape to avoid cutting your fingers. More so, using an exposed screen risks damaging other components with water or dust.

After that, consider backing up your device at your earliest convenience. Doing so will put you at rest in case the screen packs off unexpectedly. And if peradventure the screen is not working anymore, you should visit the official repair center as soon as you can.

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Why Do Phone Screens Break Easily?

Smartphone screens have gotten sturdy and more sturdy over the years, but nothing seems to stop them from cracking anytime they hit the ground. Even with that, rigid screen protections– like Gorilla Glass – are only available on flagship phones. And since not everyone can afford flagship phones, your phone screen may break so easily during a hard drop.

When the phone drops, the elastic energy generated in contact with the hard surface converts into surface energy, which cracks your phone screen in most cases. And depending on the force of the drop, the phone screen may crack slightly or badly.

However, that doesn't mean your phone would break anytime you drop it accidentally. Even if it doesn't have Gorilla Glass or other forms of protection, your phone screen may withstand the hard drop for some time before it gets cracked. On the same note, dropping your phone often weakens the glass, which could break it easily on the next drop. 

Other Common Phone Problems Repairs Near Me

Cracked phone screen repairs and replacement is just the leading form of damage users face from time to time. Common phone repair damages like the motherboard to minimal damages like broken buttons and software issues.

Here are some other common forms of phone damage. And thankfully, you can fix them at the repair center.

Water damage phone repair

Perhaps the subsequent common smartphone damages after a cracked screen are water damage. Virtually everyone, if not you, has once dropped their phone into a pool or bowl of water (or even raindrops and splashes.

And now that waterproof and IP ratings are only available on expensive flagship (and some mid-range) devices, any component of your phone may get damaged by water.

By saying "any component," we mean water damages may cause any of the damages and repairs mentioned below, including the phone screen. Hopefully, a certified technician would help you fix it within a short time.

Charging port phone repair

If your phone charges slowly, doesn't recognize a charger or PC, or not charging at all, you may need to repair its charging port.

 Your phone charging port may get damaged by dust, water, moisture, wrong USB cables, and others. When your phone's charging port is malfunctioning, you need to clean it or visit the official service center to fix it.

Broken buttons phone repair

While modern smartphones now have full-functioning touch panels, we've not departed from buttons completely. We still have the power button, volume rockers, and many dedicated buttons on most modern smartphones. And with time and usage, you may have broken buttons on your phone.

But thankfully, you can fix your broken buttons once it stops working well.

Battery replacement phone repair

If not abused, battery replacement seems to be one of the rarest phone repairs done, at least for the first 2-years of using your phone. Nonetheless, battery capacity will start depreciating after many recharge cycles and years of usage.

If you notice your phone's battery can't hold enough charge anymore, or the back of your phone is getting bulky, that's a call to replace its battery.

For battery replacement, we recommend you only visit the official service provider. That's where you can get the original phone battery that would serve you again for the next couple of years.

Sound issues repair

Another infrequent phone repair done is fixing the sound issue. If your phone speakers don't sound good as usual, you may need to visit the repair center.

More often than not, we've had people come to repair the earpiece (ear speaker) of their phones. If you turn on the loudspeaker to make/receive calls every time, that's not safe. Visit the repair center to fix sound issues on your phone.

Broken camera phone repair

Alongside broken screens, your phone camera may get damaged when your phone hits the ground so clumsily. If the glass covering your phone's camera gets broken after a hard fall, you should seal it up to avoid damaging the camera lens.

If the camera gets broken along the line, you can get it repaired at the official service center for your brand. But, again, high-quality camera replacement is crucial, and you may only get that from an official or authorized service center.

Final Thoughts: Screen Repair Near Me in Kenya

Screen damages are the most common form of damage smartphone users face today. So when your phone screen gets cracked, it's most reasonable to fix it rather than buy a new phone.

And when you're ready to replace your phone screen, always ensure you visit the official repair center to get the best, high-quality screen replacement service.

Your phone screen replacement matters, as it'd shape your experience after fixing the broken screen.

Here at Carlcare, our well-trained technicians will fix your TECNO, Infinix, or itel broken screen with genuine spare parts and a reliable warranty at the shortest possible time.

Book an online repair appointment with us today or locate phone screen repairs near me to fix your phone screen and any other damaged part the best way!