How to Fix If SIM Card cannot be Detected on TECNO Phone

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There are a lot of things that could cause your TECNO phone not to detect your SIM card and in this article,  we will talk about those issues and also learn how to fix “SIM card not detected” in your TECNO phone. Let us now dive into how to fix the SIM card phone problem.

How to Fix If SIM Card cannot be Detected on TECNO Phone

Ways to Fix SIM Card When Not Detected on TECNO Phone

1. Visit Carlcare Service Center

Carlcare service center is your last stop for anything related to phone repair. We are the after-sales service provider for TECNO phones. We have a team of expert engineers that will not only solve your phone problems but do so with uttermost care.

Carlcare understands that your phone is an extension and an expression of yourself. So, we treat it with adequate delicateness and attention. Kindly book a reservation online before visiting the Carlcare service center to save time.

2. Check if your TECNO's SIM tray is properly inserted.

This is usually the problem if you just got a new phone or a new SIM card. You might have been in a hurry to get the phone going, and then you inserted the SIM card wrongly. If you placed the SIM incorrectly, there is no way the phone can read it. You have to insert the SIM properly for it to work.

So, if the SIM card is not detected on your TECNO phone, the first thing to do is to check if you inserted the SIM correctly. Switch off your phone and gently pull out the SIM tray. The SIM tray has a mark that shows how you should place the SIM card. Insert the SIM properly and then push back the tray gently.

Turn your phone back on. If this is the issue, it will be rectified immediately. If it is not fixed, try the following hacks.

3. Check with your service provider

If you have just purchased a new SIM card and inserted it into your phone without registration and activation by the service provider, your SIM card will not work. So, if you have an unregistered line, you have to visit the service center of your service provider and get it registered.

Sometimes, you may have registered the line, but it has not to be activated by the service provider. This will also cause your TECNO SIM card to go undetected. Kindly walk into any service center of your service provider and confirm if your SIM is online.

4. Check if SIM golden points are clean

The golden points on the SIM card are called chips by techie people. And the golden points are the most essential part of the SIM. When dust or carbon settles inside those small and hollow lines, they obstruct the signals that flow between your SIM and your TECNO phone.

Suppose you notice that there is dust on the SIM, clean with a soft cloth to remove dust or carbon. Be careful while you are cleaning the SIM as any damage to the golden point is complete damage to the SIM in general. Do not scratch the SIM as it may damage the SIM card. Do not use your fingers to remove the dust or carbon. Or any sharp object for that matter

5. Reset your network settings

If the network setting on your TECNO phone is wrong, this could affect the functioning of your SIM and lead to your phone saying, ‘SIM not detected. So, what you need to do is reset the network settings manually. To do this, follow the steps below. They are the same for any new generation TECNO phone:

  • Go to the menu.
  • Tap on settings.
  • Tap on Network and Internet.
  • Select SIM card
  • Tap on the mobile network.
  • Choose ‘Preferred network type.’
  • Your TECNO device will show you options and even suggest the network type that is most suited for your device. You can choose, 4G, 3G, or 2G as the case may be. Save your changes and wait for some time. Your TECNO phone should reset, and your network bar will show up again. If this does not work, check out the next tweak.

6. Update the system

Your TECNO phone -and all androids basically-needs to be regularly updated (if there is an update available) to keep the phone running in prime condition. Using the same android OS system that was on the phone when you purchased it can limit the things your phone can do.

This is like clothing a child of five years with the dress of a two-year-old child. It will not just fit.

So, another thing you can try if the phone is not reading your SIM is to update the operating system of your TECNO. To update your phone, follow these steps below:

  • Go to settings
  • Tap on system
  • Tap on system update.
  • You will see two options: online update and local update.
  • If you have an update saved on your TECNO phone or SD card, choose local update, and the phone’s operating system will update.
  • If you have no update saved, click on online update.

Note that updating the operating system will take time. It is not something you can rush. It is vital to update your TECNO’s operating system often, not just so you can solve the undetected SIM problem but also to maximize the potential of your phone.