Screen off During Call 2023 | Proximity Sensor Problem 100% Solution Tricks

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The proximity sensor is one of those nifty features you don't get to appreciate on your smartphone until it malfunctions. If your phone screen keeps turning off during a call or you're receiving a warning about inadvertent mode on the lock screen, it's no other fault but the proximity sensor. Thankfully, we've put together all you need to fix the issue in this article.

Screen off During Call 2023 | Proximity Sensor Problem 100% Solution Tricks | Call Screen off Problem

Why is my proximity sensor turning my screen off during calls?

It's normal for the proximity sensor to turn off your phone screen during calls. Of course, its primary function is to help prevent accidental touches while holding the phone close to your ear during a call or when the phone is in your pocket.

While that sounds like a lifesaver, the proximity sensor can be annoying when it malfunctions. From denying access to the lock screen to preventing you from performing any action during a call, you can only pretend to be calm when the proximity sensor isn't working well. Nevertheless, it's nothing to be angry at.

How do I stop my phone screen from turning off during calls?

Try the solutions below before heading to the repair center to fix your phone's proximity sensor.

Restart the phone

Restarting your phone can do wonders, and we recommend it for fixing the most common smartphone problems. It's just what you need to resolve software or hardware-related issues most of the time. That's because rebooting your phone is more like a recovery process where it refreshes the system.

You can hold the power button for 10 seconds to force a reboot or tap Restart in the power menu.

Clean the sensor with a soft cloth

The proximity sensor measures the closeness of the screen to your face when calling and turns it off to prevent mistouches. However, the same thing happens when the sensor is clogged with dirt and can't tell if the phone is close to your face.

If that's the case, you only need to clean the sensor with a soft cloth. Regardless of your phone model, the proximity sensor is usually located at the top of the screen – near the earpiece. So, get a soft, clean cloth to wipe the upper part of the screen.

Check your case and screen guard

Did you start looking up "How do I fix my phone screen sensor?" after buying a new case or screen protector? If either doesn't fit well, the sensor might turn off the display to prevent mistouch when calling. That's common on some screen guards with black borders, and the sensor is only doing its job.

Start by removing the case to see if it fixes the issue. And if the problem started after applying a screen guard, gently remove it and check if it persists. Most times, you only need to readjust the screen guard to ensure it's not blocking the sensor. But if it still doesn't fit, get another one.

Update your phone

Your phone's proximity sensor can also misbehave due to buggy software. Errors could arise from a third-party app you recently installed or from the system – you can't tell. However, updating your phone is all you need in most cases. Download the latest software update and visit the Play Store to update all your apps.

Bypass the proximity sensor

If you've found no luck fixing the proximity sensor still, it's time to go the other way around – an answer to "How do I turn off the call sensor?"

Unfortunately, you can't turn off the proximity sensor on most smartphones. The best you can do is to toggle off Inadvertenty mode if you can't go past the lock screen, but that doesn't extend to the call screen. However, you can trick the system into performing something else – like keeping the screen on when calling. That's the same as disabling the sensor, right?

You'll need a third-party app for that, and you can get one from the Play Store. Here's how:

  1. Download the Proximity Sensor Screen On Off app from the Play Store and open it.
  2. Grant all the required permissions to enable its functionality.
  3. Read the on-screen instructions, then click the TEST button to diagnose the sensor. Usually, your phone screen would turn off if the sensor is faulty. But relax; it's only for 5 seconds.
  4. After that, tap the Service enabled toggle below the purple button to activate it.
  5. Again, your phone screen would turn off because that's the default function. However, it should turn on when you press the power button. If now, long-press the power button for 10 seconds to restart the phone. It's a bit tricky.
  6. Now, open the app again and set the Proximity sensor task to "Screen on."

That should fix the issue in most cases. If not, consider uninstalling the app.

Use an earbud in the meantime

The proximity sensor is usually inactive when making calls with a Bluetooth device or the phone's loudspeaker. So, if you've had no luck fixing the proximity sensor yet, you can get one of the best Bluetooth earbuds or wired headphones to prevent your screen from turning off during a call.

Take it to an expert

Resetting your phone is usually the last DIY solution for most smartphone issues. But for fixing a faulty proximity sensor? Not really.

If none of the fixes above worked, it's time to see a repairman. Take your phone to the nearest authorized repair center to have a technician look it up.

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