How to Fix TECNO Phone Not Charging

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A Phone that does not charge, easily becomes a headache. One or more of us has experienced this problem. There are a few reasons why a TECNO phone is not charging. Causes may be temporary – related to system changes, or permanent (hardware problem).

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Note:  If your TECNO is not charging due to non-artificial damage and the phone is still under warranty, you can take it to the Carlcare Service center near you to repair it for free or book online  Carlcare reservation service to enjoy periodic discount and quick fix before you visit us. If you can't find the service center near you while making a reservation, please call us. We list the problems and likely Solutions next. Here’s how you can get your TECNO mobile phone to Charge again.

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We list the problems and likely Solutions next. Here’s how you can get your TECNO mobile phone to Charge again

Method 1. Switch the Power Source

This is what you must check firstly when you TECNO phone is no longer charging. Wall sockets, extension cables, adaptors, etc., go bad all the time. An unstable electric current may have caused the socket to burn unknown to you.
Simply unplug your phone, then check another Socket and you can smile again. If this isn’t your reality, go to the next point

Method 2. Change Your USB Cable

A wrongly twisted USB cable, can render it useless. Our habits don’t help either as Cables are left plugged in most times. So, get another cable to test and ensure it’s not the problem. If you find that yours is faulty – visit a Carlcare service center to purchase a new original one. With Carlcare, you can get follow come or original phone accessories that will last you for very long time.

Method 3. Check the Charging Adapter

Is your USB cable okay? Get another wall adapter and test with your TECNO phone. Most smartphone chargers come separately now, so you can simply ask a friend or colleague for theirs and use it to test.

Replace the Adapter at a reputable phone accessory retail store, if you find that this is the cause.

Method 4. Uninstall Apps

If your TECNO phone stopped charging suddenly, you need to review Apps you downloaded following up to the moment it stopped. Sometimes devices don’t stop charging totally, but an app with bugs may cause it to lag before slowly taking its toll on the entire charging system. So, check, review and uninstall.

Method 5. Reboot Your Device

Your phone might just need a fresh start, following prolonged usage. Simply Restart the device and plug in to check if it’s work.

Method 6. Update Phone Software or Reset Phone

Resolve the charging issue by checking your device for a system update. If there’s a latest version, download and run it. Periodically, TECNO device manufacturers send System updates for every product.  Updates enhance the performance of mobile devices.

When an update is not applied to a system, you run the risk of encountering and sustaining problems that may have already been fixed.

But if there’s no new update, quickly save your files & Reset the phone. This will permanently take out any software glitch preventing your phone from charging. But please note reset the phone will erase all the data on your phone so make a backup of data firstly.

Method 7. Visit Carlcare Service Centre

Ultimately, this is your final step. The charging port or some other hardware part for your TECNO phone may be faulty as a whole and it’s best to have the phone checked by a professional technical expert. Walk into a Carlcare service centre near you to seek assistance and get the phone repaired. You can also check your TECNO phone warranty before you go there. 

About Carlcare

Carlcare is the Official and Authorized Repair Service Centre for TECNO mobile products. With us you can fix your TECNO not charging issue without any hassle. We make use of original accessories only during repair and have multiple means whereby you may connect with us throughout the process.