Get 50% Discount on TECNO, Infinix and itel Mainboard Repair

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Carlcare brings you a promo discount of 50% for an android mainboard repair. So do not be hasty to throw away your favorite old-time android smartphone device just because you have a faulty or lifeless phone mainboard or because of the price to repair. This article will enlighten you on where to locate the nearest Carlcare service center near you and get your android device quickly repaired at a discounted rate of 50% off the phone mainboard offer's valid till 31st December.

Get 50% Discount on Phone Mainboard Repair

How Much Does It Cost to Repair an Android Device Motherboard?

Enjoy a 50% discount on Mainboard repairs at our Centers. The table below gives a precise Discount outline of the phone brand and model of smartphones.

Cost to Repair Mainboard

Phone Model 

  Price (Kshs)


ITEL A14 (15+512GB) 3G



ITEL A14s (8+152GB) 3G



ITEL A23s (1+8GB) 4G



TECNO Pop2 -BC2 (2+32GB) 3G



TECNO F2 (1+8GB) 3G



ITEL A46 - L5503S (1+16GB) 4G



TECNO Pop2 Plus - RB8S(1+16GB) 4G



ITEL A35 - W5002 (1+16GB) 3G



ITEL S16 - W6502 3G



INFINIX NOTE 11 - X663 (4+128GB) 4G



Carlcare Service Centers Located in Kenya

If you want to get your phone repaired from an authorized service center in Kenya, you will find these certified shops on the CarlCare app. You can also check out the Phone Replacement Parts Price Online in Kenya. You can get this offer at any of our  Carlcare OSCs shops/centers around Kenya towns

Carlcare Service Centers



Office Number

Carlcare Nairobi

2nd Floor, Caxton House, Along Kenyatta Avenue (Next to Equity Bank), Nairobi, Kenya


Carlcare Nairobi(Luthuli Street)

2nd Floor, Complex House, Luthuli Avenue, Nairobi, Kenya


Carlcare Mombasa

Room No.A2, 2nd Floor(opp Fayaz Mini Bakery), Hospital Street,Mombasa,Kenya


Carlcare Eldoret

Room 22, 1st Floor, Dalsa Center(opposite Lincoln Hotel), OlooStreet, Block 6/14, Eldoret, Kenya


Carlcare Meru

1st Floor, Town Mobile Center(Next to Uchumi Supermarket), Ghana Street, Meru, Keny


 Carlcare Nyeri

Room 104, Ground Floor, Prestige Plaza, Kimathi Street, Nyeri, Kenya


Carlcare  Nakuru

Room 06/07, 3rd Floor, Nakura, Shopper Paradise Kenyatta Avuenue,Nakuru, Kenya


Carlcare Kisumu

Mezanine Floor, Block D, Nakumatt Mega Plaza(next to the Star Newspaper Office), Oginga Odinga Street, Kisumu, Kenya


Carlcare Thika

Merson Communication Limited, December Hotel Building GroundFloor, Thika.


Mainboard Failure Causes in Android

Many factors can cause an Android smartphone motherboard to become damaged and lifeless. Here are a few common problems that affect an Android Smartphone device and make it lifeless, these are;

Hard Frequent Drops

Accidental dropping of the phone is common for many android smartphone device users. Having slippery fingers or being clumsy with your device by allowing it to drop frequently can cause damage to your Android smartphone device. Leaving screen cracks and dent marks on it can cause your device to malfunction, definitely making the motherboard of your Android smartphone device damaged and lifeless. 


Overheating in phones is constant for many smartphone users; overheating can result from too many applications, multitasking, and having little storage space left in your device.

Bad Charger and Overcharging

Using faulty chargers or charters not compatible with your device can spoil the motherboard of your Android smartphone device. Overcharging can inflict damage to your motherboard and your device battery; overcharging can cause swollen batteries and burnt circuits in the motherboard of your device.

Signs of Mainboard Problem

While it can be difficult to determine whether your motherboard is failing based on symptoms alone, here are a few red flags to look out for.

  • Your computer starts up very slowly.
  • Your computer's peripherals become unreliable.
  • You notice strange behaviour on your monitors, such as flickering, lines on the screen, or unexpected freezes.
  • When you connect a flash drive to your computer's USB port, it may fail to initialize.
  • An increase in the number of "blue screen of death" errors.

The odour of burning or melted plastic. As a motherboard fails, you may notice a frustrating lack of predictability.

Still, Experiencing Difficulties?

Have you found a reliable source for getting a phone mainboard repaired? If No. Then please get in touch with the nearest expert professional phone repair service. You don't need to worry about who is the most dependable because Carlcare has you covered.

Our Carlcare Repair Services and Areas faculty at Carlcare can quickly, effectively, and efficiently assist customers in resolving most technical issues with their devices. By visiting our website to speak with an agent or stopping by the office that is most convenient for you, you can get solutions to your Android phone problems. Get guaranteed efficient phone repair services from Carlcare immediately.

FAQs On Mainboard Repair

If my motherboard fails to function, can it be repaired, or do I need to replace it?

If my Mainboard fails to function, can it be repaired, or do I need to replace it?

It all depends. In some cases, the Mainboard may only have one failed capacitor. If this is the case, we can desolder the old one and solder on a new one. However, if several components of the Mainboard are damaged, we will need to replace them.

How long does the offer last?

This offer is valid till 31st December 2022

Can a lifeless, dead smartphone motherboard be repaired?

 Yes, it can. A knowledgeable expert with the motherboard repairs your smartphone motherboard. Some professionals sometimes restrict motherboard repair to selected mobile smartphones because it isn't their space of expertise. But, it's nothing to fret about; some corporations give optimum services on motherboard repairs; an example is Carlcare service. However, the motherboard can be accessed, assembled, and remodelled using tools specifically created for small soldering.

Need Further Assistance? Contact Calrcare Services

Whatever the issue you can’t handle, book a Carlcare service for reservation, and we’ve got you covered. Carlcare is the Official after-sales service center for all Infinix, Tecno, Itel, and Syinix brands. Carlcare provides support services in the form of professional repair and maintenance services, ensuring that your phone is kept in optimal shape while you enjoy using it. You won’t find better support out there except Carlcare.