How to Fix Black Screen on Phone

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How to Fix Black Screen on Phone

It is a common practice to use a phone in your daily activities. Yet, there can be a bad day when these activities become forestalled due to a black screen on the phone. Nevertheless, you have to worry less because you will know how to fix the black screen on your phone here.

Yes, your phone is essential, likewise the features in it. There are specific features on the device you cannot overlook when damaged. What is more important than your cracked phone screen guard is the screen itself.

The screen displays information that pertains to every activity performed on your device. If you have got a black screen on your phone, how to fix a black screen on your phone becomes the lead of your thoughts. Now, I will share with you how to repair the phone if the display is damaged.

How to Fix Black Screen on the Phone

You cannot endure a black screen on your phone much longer than when due for repair. If the phone is the center of your business activity, how to fix a black screen phone tops your search list. Below is how to fix a phone that has a black screen.

Replace phone LCD

You can be unsure of how to fix the black screen on phone. If you don't know how to fix your phone if the screen is black, repair your phone LCD.

There are several components joined together to aid the smooth running of your phone. One of these constituents is the phone LCD. It is necessary to replace the LCD if you want to continue using the phone.

The phone LCD gets damaged from overheating. More so, it reacts to excessive heat and shocks on your phone. While multitasking on your phone plugged in to charge, the phone becomes heated.

Water and liquid contact is another way through which the LCD gets damaged. If you’ve noticed circled ink spots on your phone screen, the LCD might have become affected by water damage. The water finds its way through to the screen when placed in a water medium.

You might have inquired on "how to fix my phone screen when it’s black" You can always get it fixed by replacing the phone LCD at a repair store. Also, replacing the phone LCD is how to fix ink spots on the phone screen.

 What’s an LCD?

Do you have an idea of what your phone LCD is? To forestall a future replacement, it's necessary you know the components of your phone screen.

The Liquid Crystal Display [LCD] is the innermost part of your phone screen that displays various colors from images on the phone. It is more important than any other feature on your phone. The LCD is significant because it is responsible for the display of the activities on your phone.

The main layers of the LCD panel are the liquid crystal layer, backlight, polarizing layer, and the external protective layer. These layers sum up to support the functions of the LCD. The most visible part is the protective layer.

Every phone has an external glass screen that is responsible for protecting the LCD from exterior damages. However, there is what you need to know before leaping further on how to fix a blank phone screen. Are you sure you have a damaged LCD? If so, you will learn how to fix the black LCD screen on phone.

How do you know you have a damaged LCD?

A blank screen can result from a damaged LCD or a damaged phone that refuses to turn on. You should be able to identify a damaged LCD even if you know how to fix the black screen on phone. How do you distinguish a damaged LCD from a spoilt phone?

  • The phone receives incoming calls and notifications. The information will not display on the phone screen, and you are unable to respond to them.
  • The light sensor blinks to indicate charging when plugged in. The phone screen refuses to come up subsequently.
  • The screen flickers and shakes while being used.
  • Black spots and lines on-screen areas.
  • The touch screen does not respond to external touch.
  • The phone screen refuses to come up after you restart it.

How to prevent your LCD from getting damaged

Over are some useful tips to prevent your phone screen from getting damaged

Keep off from extreme heat

Extreme heat on the phone hardware causes damage to the phone screen. While you left your phone in a hot car, the phone gets heated and may subsequently damage the LCD.

Avoid Contact with Water / Liquid

Water can easily creep into your phone when placed in a liquid medium. There are several holes through which the water or liquid can enter to damage your device LCD.

Protect from Hard Fall

A screen guard is used to protect your phone screen from breaks or external damage. However, you can have a black screen from a fall if the phone gets mishandled.

Where to replace the phone LCD with a black screen

It is necessary to fix the liquid crystal display to enable you to continue using the phone. If you have been contemplating about "how do I fix a black screen on my mobile phone? Don't consider self-repair. Professional technicians provide you a better option of getting your black phone screen repaired.

The LCD is a delicate part that needs to be handled and fixed by a reliable technician. Do you know if there is a poor replacement, it will get damaged shortly after? Fortunately, if your phone is a TECNO, Infinix, or itel brand, you will enjoy a premium repair from Carlcare Services.

Carlcare service is the official after-sales service for your phone brand. Besides providing professional repair for these brands, there is a 30day warranty for your repaired black screen.

How to locate a Carlcare center

Do you know you can book a reservation for your phone repair online at the Carlcare Service center? Even better, you can locate a nearby Carlcare center on the Carlcare app. Download the Carlcare app on the Google Play Store now to find a Carlcare Centre.