Who fixes phones near me?

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When it comes to smartphone repair, one of the most googled questions is who fixes phones near me? Using a faulty or malfunctioning handset can be quite infuriating, especially when you need to use the mobile device for something urgent.

Whether it’s software or hardware issues, finding a genuine cell phone repair service is one of the first steps to take when your Android is on the fritz.

When users make inquiries about the who fixes phones near me question, their device may have undergone water damage, could need screen replacement, or require other repair/replacement services.

In this guide, we discuss how to find a repair shop near you when your phone is faulty.

Who fixes phones near me?

How to locate phone repair near me

With Carlcare, finding a knowledgeable phone technician in your neighborhood to fix your handset is not only easy but also fast. Simply use the center’s online platform or mobile app.

Using Carlcare’s official website, you can learn the exact location of the nearest phone repair shops to your home and even get an idea of the cost of the repair service.

Additionally, the online platform allows you to get information about all the repair services Carlcare technicians offer such as water damage repair, cracked screen repair, motherboard repair or replacement, fixing a slow phone.

Others include phone diagnostic service, Infinix screen repair, mouthpiece repair or replacement, earpiece repair or replacement, and so on.

While some of these issues affect your smartphone’s hardware, others cause problems with the software. If you’re not tech-savvy, you may not know whether your mobile device has a hardware or software problem.

But you don’t need to get yourself worked upon determining the nature of the problem plaguing your handset. Calrcare technicians are readily available to help you out and proffer great solutions to your who fixes phones near me issue.

Locating Carlcare’s professional repairers via the internet

  • Head to the app drawer, locate the Chrome browser app and open it
  • Go to Carlcare’s official website
  • Tap on Service Center under Repair Service
  • On the next page, supply details such as country, state, and city in the appropriate columns
  • Click on SEARCH
  • A list of Carlcare service centers’ addresses will show up next
  • Select the address of the repair shop nearest to your house from the list

Locating Carlcare’s professional repairers via the mobile app

  • Open your app drawer by swiping down the phone’s home screen
  • Scroll down to the bottom part of the page and tap on Location
  • The app will automatically bring up a list of Carlcare service centers nearby

Note: To get accurate results on the app, ensure your smartphone’s Location feature is on.

Whether it’s software or hardware problems, Carlcare has got you covered.

How to book phone repair

You can book phone repair to fix issues with your itel cell phone, TECNO, and Infinix mobile devices via the online platform and the app.

In this section of today’s tutorial on who fixes phones near me, we consider two ways of booking a reservation with Carlcare for phone repair :

Booking phone repair online

  • Go to the official site of the Carlcare service center
  • Scroll down to the Book a Phone Repair Online section and tap on Book Now
  • On the next page, pick your country in the drop-down menu
  • Select your phone’s model and supply all other required info in the appropriate section
  • Press Submit

Booking phone repair via the mobile app

  • Launch the Carlcare app in the app drawer
  • Under the section entitled Recommended, click on Repair Phone
  • Select your phone’s model and type the issue affecting the phone in the next section
  • Press Price beside the phone model
  • This action brings up a page containing an estimate of the price of the repair service
  • Supply all other required information in the appropriate sections
  • Tap Submit

You’ve now successfully booked a reservation with Carlcare repair service.


Note: The price stated on this page is only an estimate, not the exact cost of repair.

Phone repair services

Whether it’s TECNO repair you seek or other brands/models, Carlcare phone repair services will fix any problem with your handset efficiently and handle your who fixes phones near me inquiry satisfactorily.

Here’s a brief description of some of our repair services:

Broken/cracked screen replacement: One of the most important repair services our technicians offer to customers is broken/cracked screen replacement. When your mobile phone looks disfigured by a cracked or broken screen, our expert technicians will replace it with a quality spare part to get the device back to its former condition.

Battery replacement: Is your handset’s battery damaged? Or does it get drained quickly? The way out of the quagmire is to have it replaced in a nearby Carlcare service center.

Water damage repair: If water spills on your smartphone or the device drop into a bucket of water or swimming pool, quickly take the phone to a technician in a Carlcare service center around your location to fix water damage in the handset.

Camera repair/replacement: If your selfie or rear camera is malfunctioning, this service is what you need to fix the problem.

Phone overheating repair: There are various causes of overheating in a mobile phone ranging from faulty software, malware, and exposure to direct sunlight. Our professional technicians will diagnose the cause of the problem and then repair the device accordingly.

Charging port repair or replacement: Signs of a damaged or faulty charging port include the inability to charge your phone and difficulty in connecting your smartphone to a laptop with a USB cord. To fix the issue, consider opting for our charging port repair/replacement service.

Wrap up

Who fixes phones near me is one of the most common questions users ask on the Internet when their mobile device is malfunctioning.

Our experienced technicians offer different types of repair service services including phone screen repair, charging port repair or replacement, and camera repair or replacement, among others.

Armed with the tips in this post, you can easily get a trusted solution to any issues affecting your cell phone screen or other parts of the device.