How to Fix a Swollen Battery

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Phones usually have issues, and one of the issues that come up is battery problems which often get swollen. How to fix a swollen battery requires a technician that understands the nitty-gritty of a phone battery. Nevertheless, some hacks might be helpful concerning how to fix a swollen battery, and they may savage the battery issue for some time. It is essential to know how to fix a swollen battery, especially if it is still controllable. It is not in every situation that you have to replace a swollen battery.

How to Fix a Swollen Battery

Fixing a Swollen Cell Phone Battery

Cell phone batteries are part of the delicate aspect of a phone, which makes it vulnerable to damage. Since it is one of the delicate parts of mobile phones, and users rarely adhere to instructions, the battery gets damaged. However, the first step to fixing a swollen phone battery is to avoid charging it overnight, but many are guilty of this; it is the beginning of the problem. Charging the phone overnight inflates the battery, and many sleep off, thereby forgetting to disconnect the charger from the phone. The solution is to charge your phone during the day, and by night, put your phone in sleep mode and reduce your phone volume.

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Another thing is to use the original charger to charge the battery because it was explicitly designed, but another charger complicates the battery. Once your phone is 100%, disconnect your phone instantly as it will preserve the battery life; this makes it last longer. The steps mentioned here can help prevent a swollen battery.

How Do You Treat a Swollen Battery?

The swollen battery gives a bad experience to smartphone users, and this is because an issue with the battery means the reduced lifespan of the phone’s activeness. However, when a swollen battery occurs, it doesn’t mean the end of the phone. Instead, what is required is looking for means to treat the swollen battery.

Firstly, the first step is to protect yourself from the battery fluids and chemicals. The reason is that the battery fluids and chemicals must not contact delicate parts of the body such as the eyes, nose, and mouth. Therefore, safety first before any other thing. Secondly, remove the battery from your phone with care and ensure no damage to your phone. There are situations whereby it is in-built, and removing it requires an expert who knows how to deal with the phone without causing complications. This leads to the third step, which is visiting experts to help remove the battery, especially if it is a glued one where the solution of high-concentration isopropyl alcohol, acetone, and more are needed.

Finally, replace the battery with a new one because it is the final hope of enjoying your phone for a more extended period. A new battery comes with new life and even lasts longer to withstand app-draining applications opened on your phone. However, ensure you buy the battery from a reliable store where the original ones are sold because purchasing a fake one may not be much different from using a swollen battery.

What Causes Swollen Battery?

One of the important things that often causes swollen battery is a bad charge, primarily when you use a charger that does not have enough watts to charge the battery capacity. Unfortunately, many phone users do this to charge their phone for their pleasure use solely and do not seem to care. The consequence is the beginning of swollen battery.

It is essential to know that phone batteries are Lithium-ion in nature. Some smartphone users use solar panel to charge their phone, and in return, the solar drain the battery energy. When a standard charger is used to charge the battery aftermath, either the battery does not get charged to 100% or the battery charges by itself. In this situation, the battery begins to get swollen and gets damaged to the extent of it becoming irreparable.

Overheating is another cause of swollen battery caused by the battery-draining app running on the phone. It is appalling that many smartphone users do not take battery overheating seriously, and they continue to drain the battery without attempting to cool it. Once you feel the battery is normal, the solution ensures that all applications are closed or get a phone cleaner app to monitor the battery. However, many people do not pay much attention to battery overheating.

Is a Swollen Battery Dangerous?

One question that many mobile phone users have often asked is, “can a swollen battery shrink?” In addition, some have questioned whether it is possible to fix a swollen or inflamed battery. Please keep in mind that you must never allow your phone battery to shrink because it will cause further damage to the phone. Aside from that, if your phone battery hasn’t developed any fault, endeavor to do everything to prevent a swollen battery. Most of the time, buying a new battery may not be effective as the one made with the phone.


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