How to Repair LCD Phone

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Whether you are using a feature phone or a smartphone, the LCD is the most important part of the phone. It is the most common display type in mobile phones as it has good image quality and low power consumption. Simply put, it is the part of the screen that displays an image, text, and everything. If it has a problem, you will have to find out how to repair the LCD phone. There are different kinds of phone LCD problems, but it generally means that there is a problem with your phone display.

How to repair LCD phone

Repairing Damaged Phone LCD

Phone LCD problems mainly result from a fall, liquid damage, a crack, or even placing heavy objects on the phone. It can happen with a feature phone or with a smartphone. It appears to be a more serious problem on smartphones because you need to use the screen to navigate.

These are some kinds of LCD phone problems you may encounter.

  • Only half display showing – In this case, you will find that only about half of your screen has a clear display. The other half could be a blank, white, or black screen.
  • Only half display working – It means that even though the entire screen of your Android phone may be visible, some parts of the screen may not be responsive to touch.
  • The touchscreen will not work – The display looks okay to normal eyes, but no part of the screen responds to your touch.
  • Broken or cracked Display – Here, you can see clearly that the display is broken
  • Blank or Black Screen – This would usually result from a fall or water damage. You see the backlight showing you that the phone is on, but the entire screen remains blank or black.
  • Blinking Display
  • The display has vertical or horizontal lines
  • Black spot on the screen – This might appear like an ink dot on your display.

These things may happen once, but correct themselves before they get permanently bad. As soon as you notice the first signs of any of these, do try to fix them. Book phone repair service at the Carlcare service center near you to enjoy fast phone repair service.

1. Featured phone LCD repair can be resoldered or replaced

People still use Feature Phones that only have a Small Display and No Touch Screen. If you experience any LCD phone problem on a feature phone, the LCD can either be resoldered or replaced. A blinking screen that comes on occasionally could mean that the LCD has been partially separated from the motherboard. In this case, it may be resoldered. This is not something you can do by yourself, so you need to take it to a mobile technician.

When the LCD has a black spot, black horizontal or vertical lines, or an entirely black screen, you can replace it. Do not bother about how to fix a broken LCD screen on a feature phone. Take it to a mobile technician and have them replace it for you.

Most feature phone users prefer to do a total LCD replacement instead of worrying about how to fix the black spot on the LCD screen phone. Their reason is that the cost of replacing the LCD on a feature phone may not be significantly higher than the cost of soldering (to repair).

2. Smartphone LCD Can be replaced

Android and iPhones came into the market after the feature phones, and their LCD is wired differently. The smartphone could have a Separate Display and Touch Screen combined, or they both would come as a Combo Set where the Main LCD Display and the Touch Screen cannot be Separated by an LCD Screen Separator Machine.

For this reason, any damage to the LCD screen would require a total replacement. If you are not a mobile technician, and you do not know how to fix LCD screen lines or to fix broken LCD on your phone. You can take the phone to an accredited service center where experts will fix or replace the LCD.

3. Where can you repair the phone LCD?

Take the phone to an accredited repair center, so that you can get an excellent service. If you take it to any random phone repair shop, you may get a non-genuine display or a copy screen, and this will affect the display quality.

Carlcare is the official after-sales service provider for Tecno, Itel, and Infinix phones. We have hundreds of accredited repair centers and you can walk into any of them to get your phone fixed. In addition to getting guaranteed and reliable spare parts from the manufacturers, our technicians are trained to give good services.

You can use the Carlcare mobile app, or the website to book a reservation. In that way, you do not have to stand in the queue when you come to get your phone fixed.

There are also accredited after-sales service providers for other Android brands and iPhones. Check your manufacturer’s website for directions to the closest one.   

4. How much will it cost to repair the LCD screen on the phone?

The cost of this service depends on the model of your phone, and the cost of the screen to be replaced. If you use a Tecno, Itel, or Infinix phone, Carlcare is the official after-sales service provider for these brands.

Apart from booking a reservation on the app/website, you can also check how much to fix the LCD screen on your phone before going to the service