Broken Phone Screen Replacement Service in Nairobi

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Whenever your phone screen develops faults, you just need to locate the nearest broken phone screen replacement service in Nairobi. Please note that it is important to take your broken screen phone to a reliable phone repair center where it will be properly repaired. If you are looking for a broken phone screen replacement service in Nairobi, you should visit Carlcare. 

Broken Phone Screen Replacement Service in Nairobi

Common Phone Screen Issues

While it is always interesting to use phones for pleasure, one thing you cannot avoid is technical faults. A broken screen has always been a common issue, especially if your phone falls often. Below is the regular broken screen phone you need to know:

  • Cracked screen

If your phone is mistakenly dropped and a crack occurs on your screen. Do not wait till the whole screen is no longer functional. It is advisable to find out the cost to replace a screen in Kenya and go for the viable one.

  • Water damage

Suppose your phone dropped into the water but still kept working. Over time, the screen would become less functional and would stop functioning as time went on. This is because water and phone parts must never come in contact.

  • Broken screen

If you mistakenly sit on your screen or your phone falls, landing on the screen. Once it gets broken, you should immediately find a reliable broken screen replacement service in Nairobi. That is the only solution.

How Much Does Screen Replacement Cost?

If you take your phone to an unregistered phone repairer or a roadside technician, you are likely to pay more. While you may get your phone repaired, there is no warranty that the screen will function for a long time. It is a different thing when you visit a reliable place like Carlcare.

Therefore, phone screen replacement prices in Nairobi vary. You are likely to pay more if you are doing it from an unregistered repairer or phone center. If you visit a professional phone center, you will do it at a pocket-friendly price and get a warranty.

The Reliable Phone Repair Center: Carlcare

If you are looking for a reliable place to get a broken screen phone repaired and properly replaced, visit Carlcare. At Carlcare, we offer a quality broken screen replacement with a better one at an affordable price. This is what makes the ideal phone center whenever you search for Infinix screen replacement in Nairobi, Kenya.

Aside from replacing a broken screen, we also offer phone repair services such as charging port replacement, software installation, technical repair, and lots more. We also sell replacement parts for phones, all at affordable prices.

The Type of Phone We Repair

At Carlcare, our professionals are skilled at repairing Android devices with ease. If you have a longtime technical fault on your Android phone, you should find one of our nearest offices in Nairobi. However, we remain the ideal phone screen repair in Nairobi because of our technicians who have mastered Android phone reparation.

We repair Android devices such as itel, TECNO, and Infinix. Our ability to treat sensitive screen issues of itel screen made us a trustworthy itel screen replacement in Nairobi. Also, we repair faulty TECNO screens and replace them with better ones. So, when searching for TECNO repair, look to Carlcare TECNO screen replacement in Nairobi for a smooth repair.

We also repair Infinix device broken screens by replacing them with quality ones. Our prices are affordable, and the service is rendered fast because our technician knows what to do immediately after your phone is accessed. With Carlcare, the cost to replace a phone screen in Kenya is affordable and stress-free.

How to Find Us in Nairobi

Carlcare service is suitable for broken phone screen replacement in Nairobi and is accessible. We sell parts, replace a broken screen, and do all forms of technical services. Our offices are located around Nairobi across different regions at easily located places.

If you are having issues finding our nearest office, you can log on to our official website:, and follow the following steps:

  • Either on a system or phone, type in 
  • Once the system loads, click on the Location
  • A three dialogue box will appear showing Country, State, and City. Open the box to select Kenya for CountryNairobi for State, and your location around your 
  • Click on Search and wait for the page to load up.
  • The address will load up, and you can write it down or copy it. You may even call the phone number to speak with our standby customer care representative.

The Quality We Offer

Over the years, Carlcare has rebranded the concept of “Phone repair Nairobi” due to our ability to replace phone parts with an even better one. Among the reasons why Carlcare has become a reliable broken phone screen replacement service in Nairobi is assured repair. Below are some of the services we offer at affordable prices:

  • Charging port replacement
  • Broken screen
  • Damaged screen
  • Water damage
  • Phone swap
  • Phone software fix
  • Memory card sales and many more.

If you are wondering how much it costs to repair a phone screen, you should visit our nearest office. Our work days remain Monday to Friday, and we are always happy to treat your Android device.


Carlcare service is done at a lesser price with quality repair services that guarantee your Android device longevity. With us as your number one broken phone screen replacement service in Nairobi, your phone is guaranteed to be better again.