Why Is My Tecno Phone Hotspot Not Working? Here’s the Fix

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Carl Paige

The process of sharing your cellular data or Wi-Fi with a receiver phone can be termed an android hotspot. As a TECNO  user, there are times when your android hotspot might be showing problems. This is the reason we have formulated this solution guide, which will help you fix the TECNO phone hotspot not working.

Why is my TECNO Phone Hotspot not Working

How to Fix Hotspot Not Working in TECNO Phone

1. Restart the phone

These days, the working mechanism of the Smartphone is very similar to that of a computer. There are times when just restarting your computer has solved issues like lagging or delay in opening your favorite browser.

This same thing happens with the TECNO phone. So when you see that your hotspot is not working on your TECNO phone, just press the power button and switch off the phone. Give some time for your phone to start and check your hotspot. Probably your issues will be solved. If not, follow the next solution.

2. Get help from professionals at Carlcare Service Center

If all the solutions presented above don't work to fix the TECNO hotspot not working, you may have a hardware issue on your TECNO  phone. In this case, you cannot treat this problem personally, and you need to take the phone to a Carlcare service center that treats your phone with professionalism and care.

3. Create a new hotspot

  • Creating a new hotspot on your TECNO devices is very easy.   It just involves changing your hotspot password or creating an open network.  If you want to change your hotspot password, you need to migrate to the settings page and navigate the hotspot option.
  • After that, you need to create a hotspot password for your device and then check your hotspot settings.  Tell the receiver to enter the fresh password that you have recently made.
  • Now if the receiver is still having trouble connecting with your device. Then make your device public. For doing this, you need to navigate the option known as "network and internet" in your TECNO  phone and then tap on "hotspot and tethering." Now change the security settings to none instead of WPA2 personal.

4. Try checking the device

If the receiver phone is unable to connect to the hotspot after trying the fixes above,  it’s perhaps an issue with the receiver device. In this case, check with another receiver device rather than the current one.  

Try connecting your hotspot with other digital devices like your tablet or laptop. If you find a secure connection, it’s probably the receiver phone that is troubled with issues. Recommend the receiver to get their device treated for software and hardware problem.

5. Check the AP band of the hotspot

The brand frequency that your TECNO  hotspot can provide is known as AP. Your TECNO  phone may have an AP with bandwidth support of 2.5GHZ, but unknowingly you have selected a 5GHz that your phone doesn’t support. So it is recommended that you change the bandwidth settings to 2.4 GHz from 5 GHz.  To do this, first, go to your Wi-Fi settings and then select an option known as the Wi-Fi band. Select 2,5Ghz here.

6. Disable power saver mode

When power savings mode is turned on on your TECNO device, then that means any background apps that consume the most power will be turned off. This procedure may affect your hotspot negatively.  

Your TECNO  phone may find that the hotspot is taking too much power and may turn it off automatically. It is recommended that you switch off power-saving mode when you are using the hotspot

7. Reset Wi-Fi, mobile, and Bluetooth settings

To incorporate this solution into your TECNO  mobile phone, follow the steps which are mentioned below

  • First, you need to go to the settings page
  • Now navigate to an option called advanced settings
  • Then tap on the option known as reset options
  • Once you tap on the rest option,  your TECNO phone will show a choice known as reset Wi-Fi, mobile and Bluetooth settings
  • Once you tap on that, your TECNO phone will clear the entire previous network connected with your phone.

8. Change carriers? Contact your carrier

Carrier is the one that actually makes your phone calls from your TECNO  phone possible and vice versa. If you have recently changed the carriers, then that may hamper your hotspot functionality. Suppose you have been using carrier A for some time, and now you decide to switch to carrier B for better connectivity.  This transition might have caused issues with your hotspot. In this case, try contacting your carrier

9. Check the network connection

There are times when you could not open a webpage when your internet is on. This is perhaps because you have overused the daily data limit that is set for your phone. So for your hotspot to work seamlessly, check if you have a stable internet connection.

10. Update the system

Updating the systems means responding to the updates that are provided by the phone manufacturer to your phone.  These updates are given by the phone manufacturers so that glitches and bugs that occur from time to time can be fixed. It’s recommended that you say yes to update when you see one. Never delay an update, since that might cause an issue in the hotspot connection